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We at God's Gospel have moved our subscriber list to a new provider.
If you've dealt with us before you know that we don't overload you in box
with unnecessary e-mails. Usually 1-2 emails every six weeks.

We ask that you verifiy your previous subscription with our new provider, Aweber.
Because of this transition and the verification process you may initially
received 3-4 e-mails more than usual within the next few weeks.

To continue to received updates, breaking news, free tips and bonuses related to
God's Gospel and HearandPlay you must complete our new verification process.

For your protection and to prevent SPAM we now require all subscriptions to be verified.

In the very near future our free MIDI section may be
closed to the public and made available only by subscription.
To assure that you are not left out please take time to complete the verification process.
Thank you and Be Blessed.
Mel Owens Smile
Mel, Webminister of Music
God's Gospel