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November 2005

Prior Black History MIDIS now located at Spirituals.
Prior Update now located HERE.

Special thanks to Samuel Tolbert and new contributor
O. Charles Abernethy
for permission to post their copyrighted works.



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B. I. B. L. E., The     
Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel    
99 And 1/2 Won't Do v. 1    
99 And 1/2 Won't Do v. 2 (sax lead)    
A Living Testimony Williams Brothers, The  
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God v. 4 Martin Luther Daniel Miller
A Praying Spirit   Samuel Tolbert
Abide With Me  Traditional Arr. by Michael Morse Michael Morse
Alas And Did My Savior Bleed v. 3 (Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee) Isaac Watts, Ralph E. Hudson Mel Owens
Alas And Did My Savior Bleed v. 4 Isaac Watts, Ralph E. Hudson Samuel Tolbert
All Things Are Possible Darlene Zschech Paul Grant
Amazing Grace v. 18  Isaac Watts, John Newton Ezra Bufford
Amazing Grace v. 19 (jazz) Isaac Watts, John Newton Ezra Bufford
Amen Revised v. 6    
Angels We Have Heard On High   O. Charles Abernethy
Are You Washed In The Blood Elisha A. Hoffman Ezra Bufford
As The Deer v. 1   Ezra Bufford
As We Enter    Samuel Tolbert
At Calvary v. 5 William R. Newell, Daniel B. Towner Samuel Tolbert
At The Cross v. 5 Issac Watts, Ralph E. Hudson Ezra Bufford
At The Cross v. 6  Issac Watts, Ralph E. Hudson O. Charles Abernethy
Available To You v. 3   Samuel Tolbert
Away In A Manger v. 3   Ezra Bufford
Away In A Manger v. 4   O. Charles Abernethy
Battle Is Not Your, The v. 3 Yolanda Adams Samuel Tolbert
Beams Of Heaven   Joann Robinson
Beautiful Garden Of Prayer v. 1   Ezra Bufford
Because He Lives v. 7 William J. Gaither  
Blessed Assurance v. 13 Fanny J. Crosby, Phoebe P. Knapp O. Charles Abernethy
Blessed Assurance v. 14 Fanny J. Crosby, Phoebe P. Knapp Samuel Tolbert
Blessed Assurance v. 15 Fanny J. Crosby, Phoebe P. Knapp Samuel Tolbert
Blessed Assurance v. 16 Fanny J. Crosby, Phoebe P. Knapp Ezra Bufford
Blessed Assurance v. 17 Fanny J. Crosby, Phoebe P. Knapp O. Charles Abernethy
Blessed Be The Name v. 2   Ezra Bufford
Blest Be The Tie That Binds v. 2 Hans G. Naegeli  
Blood Song, The   Samuel Tolbert
Blood That Jesus Shed For Me v. 6 Andraé Crouch  
Bridal March    
Call Him Up (I Just Can't Stop Praising His Name) Florida Mass Choir, The CatHands
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus v. 3 Rev. James Cleveland  
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus v. 4 Rev. James Cleveland Samuel Tolbert
Center Of My Joy v. 4    
Center Of My Joy v. 5    
Children Go Where I Send Thee   O. Charles Abernethy
Come Ye Disconsolate   O. Charles Abernethy
Completely Yes   Samuel Tolbert
Count Your Blessings   O. Charles Abernethy
Do Lord Remember Me v. 8   Samuel Tolbert
Don't Be Discouraged    
Don't Cry   Samuel Tolbert
Down At The Cross v. 3 (Glory To His Name) Elisha A. Hoffman Samuel Tolbert
Doxology v. 2   Daniel Miller
Emmanuel, Emmanuel   Samuel Tolbert
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel   O. Charles Abernethy
Faith Of Our Fathers v. 2 Frederick W Faber, Henri F Hemy, Adapted By James G. Walton Ezra Bufford
Fanfare Of Praise   Daniel Miller
Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee   O. Charles Abernethy
Father Me Shekinah Glory  
For The Rest Of My Life Timothy Wright William Jospeh Samuel
Forever Friends   Samuel Tolbert
Gain The World James Hall, I Broyles  
Glad To Be In Your Service v. 3   O. Charles Abernethy
Gloria Patri - Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow v. 2   Samuel Tolbert
Gloria Patri - Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow v. 3   Samuel Tolbert
Go Tell It On The Mountain v. 5 John W. Work, III  O. Charles Abernethy
God Has Smiled On Me v. 4 Isaiah Jones, Jr.  Michael Young
God Of Our Fathers v. 2    
Great Is Thy Faithfulness v. 7 William M. Runyan Ezra Bufford
Hammond Jam III    
Happy Birthday To You v. 4 (gospel)    
Have Thine Own Way Lord v. 7 Adelaide A. Pollard, George C. Stebbins   
Have Thine Own Way Lord v. 8 Adelaide A. Pollard, George C. Stebbins  Ezra Bufford
Have Thine Own Way Lord v. 9 Adelaide A. Pollard, George C. Stebbins  Mel Owens
He Arose   O. Charles Abernethy
He Is Here    
He Is Lord v. 2   Ezra Bufford
He Knows Just How Much We Can Bare v. 3   Ezra Bufford
He Lives v. 3 Alfred H. Ackley Ezra Bufford
He Looked Beyond My Faults And Saw My Needs v. 5 Dottie Rambo O. Charles Abernethy
He Touched Me v. 5 William J. Gaither  
Here I Am To Worship    
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands v. 10 J. Jefferson Cleveland, Verolga Nix O. Charles Abernethy
Higher Ground   Ezra Bufford
Highway To Heaven v. 4   Ezra Bufford
Highway To Heaven v. 5   O. Charles Abernethy
His Eye Is On The Sparrow v. 09 Civilla D. Martin, Charles H. Gabriel Sara B
Hold To God's Unchanging Hand v. 5 F. L. Eiland, James Hall, Kenton Rogers  Ezra Bufford
Holy, Holy, Holy v. 7 Reginald Heber, John B. Dykes Samuel Tolbert
How Great Thou Art v. 10 Carl Boberg, Stuart K. Hine, Manna Music, Inc.  
I Didn't Have No Doubt   O. Charles Abernethy
I Don't Care What The World May Do   O. Charles Abernethy
I Get Joy v. 2   Jermaine Griggs
I Just Came To Praise The Lord    
I Love The Lord v. 3 Whitney Houston Samuel Tolbert
I Love You Lord Today v. 3    
I Must Tell Jesus v. 2 Elisha A. Hoffman Ezra Bufford
I Need Thee Every Hour v. 4 Annie S. Hawks, Robert Lowry Michael Young
I Need Thee Every Hour v. 5 Annie S. Hawks, Robert Lowry  
I Need You To Survive    
I Surrender All v. 2 Judson W. Van de Venter Keyz
I Want Jesus To Walk With Me v. 4 Verolga Nix Joann Robinson
I Want Jesus To Walk With Me v. 5 Verolga Nix Mel Owens
I Will Dance    
I Will Do A New Thing   Samuel Tolbert
I Will Trust In The Lord v. 3 J. Jefferson Cleveland O. Charles Abernethy
I'll Be A Sunbeam   O. Charles Abernethy
I'll Be With You (That's What He Said) New Jersey Mass Choir, The CatHands
I'll Fly Away v. 10 Albert Brumley O. Charles Abernethy
I'll Say Yes, Lord Yes   Samuel Tolbert
I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord v. 5   Samuel Tolbert
I'm Gonna Sing When The Spirit Says Sing    
I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me v. 5   O. Charles Abernethy
In The Sanctuary v. 2   Samuel Tolbert
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear v. 2 Edmund H. Sears, Richard S. Willis Ezra Bufford
It Is Well With My Soul v. 8 H. G. Spafford,Ville Du Havre, P. P. Bliss  
It's Me It's Me Oh Lord    
It's So Easy To Love You    
I've Got A Feeling Everythings Gonna Be Alright v. 3 Albertina Walker O. Charles Abernethy
Jazz Runs v. 2    
Jesus Is All The World To Me v. 4 Will L. Thompson Ezra Bufford
Jesus Is Lord New Hope Music  
Jesus Lover Of My Soul v. 3 (contemporary)    
Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child v. 2   Samuel Tolbert
Jesus Paid It All v. 2 John T. Grape Ezra Bufford
Jesus The Light Of The World   O. Charles Abernethy
Jesus The Son Of God v. 2   Ezra Bufford
Joy To The World v. 3 George F. Handel O. Charles Abernethy
Joy v. 3 Georgia Mass Choir, The  
Just A Little Talk With Jesus v. 6 Kenneth Morris, Cleavant Derricks O. Charles Abernethy
Lead Me, Guide Me v. 4 Doris Akers Ezra Bufford
Leave It There   Joann Robinson
Let There Be Peace On Earth v. 3 Sy Miller, Jill Jackson  
Lift Every Voice And Sing v. 4 James Weldon Johnson Ezra Bufford
Lift Every Voice And Sing v. 5 James Weldon Johnson Joann Robinson
Lift Every Voice And Sing v. 6 James Weldon Johnson O. Charles Abernethy
Lift Jesus Up v. 2   Samuel Tolbert
Look What The Lord Has Done v. 2    
Lord I Want To Be A Christian In My Heart v. 3   Michael Young
Lord I Want To Be A Christian In My Heart v. 4    
Lord's Prayer, The v. 6 (contemporary) Josephine Forsyth, Edwin Arthur Kraft Samuel Tolbert
Make A Joyful Noise   O. Charles Abernethy
Mary Had A Little Lamb    
Mary's Boy Chile v. 2 Chester Hairston, Harry Bellafonte O. Charles Abernethy
Medley v. 4 (patriotic)    
Medley v. 5 (bass runs)    
Misty (smooth jazz)    
More Love More Power    
More Than Wonderful (clip)    
Must Jesus Bare The Cross Alone v. 4 Thomas Shepard, George N. Allen  
My Faith Looks Up To Thee v. 2 Ray Palmer  
My Funny Valentine   TGLHowie
My Lips Shall Praise You    
My Redeemer Lives    
New Shout Beat   Johnathan Nelson
No Other God Like You   Samuel Tolbert
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen   Joann Robinson
Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus v. 2 Robert L. Lowry  
O Holy Night v. 3   Ezra Bufford
O, How I Love Jesus v. 4 Frederick Whitfield O. Charles Abernethy
O, How I Love Jesus v. 5 Frederick Whitfield Sara B
Offering Time   Al Crutch (88 Keys)
Old Time Power Charles Gabriel  
Only What You Do For Christ Will Last   Ezra Bufford
Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior v. 8 Fanny J. Crosby, William H. Doane O. Charles Abernethy
Perfect Praise   Sara B
Piano From The Soul   Ezra Bufford
Piano Jam   Ezra Bufford
Piano Solo   Ezra Bufford
Praise In The Temple Dorothy Norwood William Jospeh Samuel
Pray For Me v. 1   Victor James
Precious Lord Take My Hand v. 5 Thomas A. Dorsey  
Save Me Lord   Ezra Bufford
Saviour Jesus   Samuel Tolbert
Shake The Foundation (Removed At Request of Sequencer)   Lisa Holden
Shine On Me v. 2 Verolga Nix O. Charles Abernethy
Show Me The Way Bishop Nathaniel Bond T. S. Almond
Silent Night v. 8 Franz Gruber Ezra Bufford
Silent Night v. 9 Franz Gruber O. Charles Abernethy
Since I Laid My Burdens Down (Glory Glory)   Ezra Bufford
Since I Met Jesus   Ezra Bufford
Solid Rock The v. 3 William B. Bradbury  
Solid Rock The v. 4 William B. Bradbury Daniel Miller
Somebody Prayed For Me v. 3   O. Charles Abernethy
Something Beautiful v. 3 William J. Gaither  
Stand By Me   Joann Robinson
Stand v. 2   Ezra Bufford
Standing On The Promises v. 2 R. Kelso Carter  
Suddenly Bishop Eddie Long William Jospeh Samuel
Sweet Hour Of Prayer v. 5 William W. Walford  
Sweet Little Jesus Boy   O. Charles Abernethy
There Is A Fountain v. 5 William Cowper, Lowell Mason Ezra Bufford
There Is No Way   Samuel Tolbert
There Is None Like You v. 2   Roline Thomas (Sister T)
There Is None Like You v. 3   Will Ingram
There's A Storm Out On The Ocean v. 2   Hammondman
There's Something About That Name v. 2   Samuel Tolbert
These Thorns   Will Ingram
Thin Line Piano Solo    
This Little Light Of Mine v. 6 J. Jefferson Cleveland, Verolga Nix, Lillian M. Bowles Ezra Bufford
This Little Light Of Mine v. 7 J. Jefferson Cleveland, Verolga Nix, Lillian M. Bowles O. Charles Abernethy
Threefold Amen (revised)   Will Ingram
Through It All v. 3 Andraé Crouch O. Charles Abernethy
Till We Meet Again v. 3 (Removed at request of sequencer) Jeremiah E. Rankin, William G. Tomer  
To God Be The Glory v. 3 William H. Doane  
Total Praise v. 7 Richard Smallwood
Total Praise v. 8 Richard Smallwood Ezra Bufford
Total Praise v. 9 (free style) Richard Smallwood  
Transition Chords    
Twinkie Clark Ab Shout    
Unknown Choir Number 3   Anthony Gray
Up Where We Belong v. 2 Bebe & Cece Wynans  
Victory In Jesus v. 2    
Victory In Jesus v. 3   A. Simms, Jr.
Victory Is Mine v. 2   Mysteryman
Walk With Me v. 5 J. Jefferson Cleveland, Verolga Nix  
Wasn't That A Mighty Good Day   O. Charles Abernethy
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder v. 3    
We Gather Together v. 2   Robert Passow
We Have Come Into This House v. 3    
We Shall Overcome v. 5 Paul Ables, J. Jefferson Cleveland Ezra Bufford
We Sing The Praises To Our King v. 2    
Wedding Recessional    
Welcome Into This Place v. 3   Ezra Bufford
Were Marching To Zion v. 4 Robert Lowry Ezra Bufford
What A Friend We Have In Jesus v. 16 Joseph Scriven, Charles C. Converse CatHands
What A Friend We Have In Jesus v. 17 Joseph Scriven, Charles C. Converse Robert Passow
What A Friend We Have In Jesus v. 18 Joseph Scriven, Charles C. Converse O. Charles Abernethy
What A Friend We Have In Jesus v. 19 Joseph Scriven, Charles C. Converse Sara B
What A Mighty God We Serve v. 3    
What God Has For Me    
When I See Jesus, Amen   Samuel Tolbert
When We All Get To Heaven v. 7 Emily D. Wilson, Eliza E. Hewitt Hammondman
When We All Get To Heaven v. 8 Emily D. Wilson, Eliza E. Hewitt O. Charles Abernethy
Where He Leads Me I Will Follow    
Where The Spirit Is Kirk Franklin  
Yes, Jesus Loves Me v. 10 William B. Bradbury Daniel Miller
Yes, Jesus Loves Me v. 11 William B. Bradbury O. Charles Abernethy
You Loved Me v. 1    
You Loved Me v. 2 (piano)    






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