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For All Gospel Pianists, Keyboardists, and Organists:

You're about to discover the proven secrets to playing contemporary gospel piano and organ (...yes ORGAN) by ear from two of the most well-known professionals in the industry!

I'mtalking about two musical geniuses who have performed and toured with gospel artists likeYolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Shirley Caesar, Donald Lawrence, DarylColey, The Kurt Carr Singers, Judith Christie-McAllister, John P. Kee, and more!

(One of them has even made live appearances with former President Bill Clinton).


From: Jermaine A. Griggs

Dear Gospel Musician,

How would you like to learn thelatest piano and organ tricks from two of the most well-knownmusicians in gospel music?

...Now this isn't traditionalgospel playing. These musicians are known for their contemporary andmodern sounds - and if you know anything about gospel music these days -it's obviously moving permanently in this "contemporary" direction.


I've invited P.J. Morgan andCassandra O'Neal to share with you some of their most closely-guardedtechniques, tips, and tricks --- and I'll tell you right now:

They don't hold back anything!

In fact, I found myself learningmany new tricks from them. I'm a firm believer that you can never knowtoo much so while I'm constantly sharing what I know with the world, I'msimultaneously learning from other pros!


Who Should Be Interested In Learning from P.J. and Cassandra?

* All musicians playing in modernchurches...
* Musicians playing for youth and young adultchoirs who tend to sing modern and contemporary songs...
* Musicians who seek to "contemporize" theway they play gospel music...
* Musicians who feel they play "oldfashioned" and want to learn new voicings and chord progressions...
* Any musician desiring to learn more gospel"licks" and "tricks" on the keyboard!
* Musicians committed to lifelong learning,no matter what style of music.


If you can relate to any of the statementsabove, then I encourage you to continue to read this page. Thereare tons of video demonstrations and useful information below.

Just before we delve into what you'lllearn, let me tell you a little bit about the instructors.


Here are just a few of their accomplishments...







 Nowyou can learn directly from the pros from the comfort of your own home without having to pay what the pros would "normally" charge...

>>> How to take traditional hymns like "Hiseye is on the sparrow" and spice them up with the use of various alteredchords, inversions, voicings, melodic lines, and more!
>>> The core differences between playingthe piano versus the organ (precision, accuracy, etc). Hint: While thenotes are the same between the two instruments, there are some majordistinctions that have to be known or you'll never produce thecontemporary sound you want!
>>> How to effectively transition betweenchords with melody lines. This concept is the secret to making yourprogressions sound more smooth!
>>> Explore extended chordslike min9, m11, m13, dom13 and how to spice them up (using both open andclosed voicings). Two musicians can play the same "kind" of chord (e.g.- min9) and make them sound totally different!
>>> The secrets to accurately choosing the right accompanying chords to a melody line (examples shown in "His eye is on the sparrow" and "Amazing grace" and others.
>>> How to master stride piano techniques (bass and chord in left hand while the right hand can play melodic lines, additional chords, or fill-ins).

Everything you need to know to take your contemporary gospel playing to the next level...

>>> The keys to mastering the "bass-tritone" combination on your left hand ("rag time" feel), liberating your right hand to play other things!
>>> How to play "This little light of mine" like you've never played it before using stride piano techniques!

>>> How to build independence among your left andright hands (since often times they will have to perform different rhythms at the same time as you master contemporary playing).
>>> The use of arpeggios (separating the notes of a chord)in contemporary gospel piano playing and how to apply them to all your songs!
>>> The secret "whole tone" scale and how to play it with both your left and right hand all the way up the piano (...this is something commonly utilized by the pros). Before now, you didn't know what they were doing. Now, it's provided step by step.
>>> The power of diminished arpeggios and how to immediately use them in your everyday playing.
>>> How to arpeggiate simple triads several octaves up the keyboard with the use of single filler notes!
>>> How to play with other instruments effectivelywithout clashing. How to take advantage of your best instrument --- "the ear!"

Secrets that no onewants to share...

>>> How to find open space while playing with a full bandand how to fill it without cluttering the sound. Remember, having room for the vocalist is vital so you don't want to overplay!
>>> The distinctions between "solo" playing and "band"playing and how to change your thought patterns, depending on the situation.
>>> How to substitute major for minor chords and get away with it! Learn how to spice things up by throwing in substitutions that no one would expect!
>>> How to transfer the load of a chord to your left handto produce the sound you want in conjunction with various right-hand movements (...most people don't utilize their left as much as they should).
>>> Open voicings vs. closed voicings: How to master both of them and when to use them. Certain situations call for open voicings while others necessitate the use for closed voicings. In fact, learn how to "mix-and-match" both types of voicings.
>>> Using the power of "augmentation" and how to apply it to seventh tones (switching between your dominant and major seventh while playing a minor ninth chord). I know it sounds complex but you'll learn, step-by-step, how to use this immediately!
>>> Five universal intro chords that you can use to begin just about any solo-accompanying song (any slow song that involves you following a soloist).

Closely guarded tricks: Exposed.

>>> A closely-guarded trick to use every time you're on the fourth degree of any scale. It involves shifting a few notes in your chord. Start usingthis one immediately!
>>> How to play "walk-downs" with moving melodic patterns and accompanying chords. This sounds really good moving to a "7-3-6" progression (e.g. - G min11 b5 >>> C7b9 >>> Fmin9)
>>> How to "run" over chords. The secrets to determining what scales or series of notes to play over various chords and how to connect them together using common notes and pivots.
>>> How to use substitutions to totally to make your chords"crazy" or "sick" (terminology used to describe when a chord is used somewhere unusual --- yet very appropriate)!
>>> How to transform a basic song like "Amazing Grace"into a contemporary style, step-by-step and chord-by-chord!
>>>And much more...


Introducing three courses that Gospel Musicians shouldn't be without!


P.J. Morgan's "Contemporary Gospel Piano"  3-hour dvd course is for any spiritual musician ready to take their playing to the next level! Step-by-step, you'll explore:

Melody lines, left-hand techniques, stride, independence among hands, arpeggios, playing with a band, various chord voicings, running through chords, substitutions, reharmonization, high praise movements and flowing between hands, practice procedures, shout movements, open and closed voicings, various song examples (Amazing Grace, His Eye is on the Sparrow), and a lot more! Plus... you get additional free bonuses on cd-rom [see below].


Video Samples from "Contemporary Gospel Piano" course


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Plus, the first 80 customers will receive:

The P.J. Morgan "Contemporary Gospel Piano" Bonus CD-rom ($24 value):

  • Sheet music for key examples and songs in the course

  • Midi files of key voicings, progressions, movements, and songs

  • Additional bonus video lessons on cd-rom

Note: This additional cd-rom is for use with your computer.

Get this course separately


P.J. Morgan's "Ultimate Gospel Organ Master Class" 2-hour dvd course is for the serious gospel musician ready to learn or take their organ playing to the next level. You'll enjoy learning:

Organ operations/drawbars, organ tricks, tritone techniques, right hand grace note effects, left-hand chords and voicings, chordal substitutions, ii-V-I progressions, organ "runs," preacher chords, passing chords, talk music, organ shouting music, pedaling techniques, key changes/modulation, and a lot more! Plus... you get an additional free bonus 20-pg chord booklet [see below].


Video Samples from "Ultimate Gospel Organ Master Class" course


 Video Clip #1
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Quick Clips:
Video Clip #1
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Plus, the first 80 customers will receive:

1) P.J. Morgan's "Ultimate Gospel Organ Master Class" Chord Booklet ($24 value):

  • Over 20 pages of examples from the dvd with left, right, and foot pedal.

  • Chord listings for "preacher chords," "shouting music," "passing chords," & more!

  • Step-by-step displays for scales and runs in Bb and F major!


2) Mail-in certificate for sheet music transcripts of dvd course ($15 value)

  • Sheet music for every example and chord progression in the course

Get this course separately


Cassandra O'neal is an awesome gospel musician who has played for many artists on the road and in the studios such as The Kurt Carr Singers and Judith Christie-McAllister just to name a few.

CassandraO'neal's "West Coast Piano" 2-hour dvd course isfor any musician seeking to develop a west coastcontemporary sound. Step-by-step andover-the-shoulder, you'll learn:

==>How to play songs like "Give Thanks" with fancyfill-ins, voicings, and tricks that no one else willshow you.

==>How to spice up "Give Thanks" with even morealternative chord changes and voicings.

==>The art of arpeggiation and how to use it to createthe "west coast" feel.

==>The secrets behind harmonic overtones and how to usethem to contemporize any song!

==>Various chord changes "ready-to-play" as soon as youlearn them!

==>The secrets behind effectively playing while someoneis talking. Note: These voicings work well behindany pastor or church clerk making announcements.

==>Various chord progressions and movements that you canapply to your playing right away ("2-5-1,""Turnarounds," "Circular Progressions," and more)...

==>Enharmonically Correct Spellings and the theory behindvarious chord structures.

==>Sample songs like "Blessed Assurance," "Give Thanks,""I Surrender All," "I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me," andothers.

==>The "West Coast Shout" broken down to ascience!

==>How to effectively play intro's and outro's to songs.Many musicians lack in this area.

==>The keys to effective praise and worship playing.

==>and much more!


Video Samples from "West Coast Piano" course


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Quick Clips:
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"OK. I'm going to make this really good for you..."


       If you're truly serious about contemporizing your gospel style (updating your chord voicings, finding newer progressions to play, adding jazzy runs to your piano playing, etc...), then you'll definitely be one of the first 300 musicians to take me up on this incredible offer.

  • In fact, I've only ordered 300 of each course from the manufacturer so if I run out, then I apologize. We haven't made any arrangements to reorder simply because we have other releases we're preparing for. So if you miss this mega deal, it's on you!


    If you're really serious, you'll take advantage now and be one of the first (and only) 300 musicians to get these power-packed piano and organ courses.

          Not only am I dropping the price of these dvd courses a considerable amount, but if you order today, I will also throw in the bonus items listed above (worth over $50 by themselves)  AND give you an instant rebate savings if you buy all three courses together!


    P.J. Morgan's "Contemporary Gospel Piano" course sells for $59.95

    His "Ultimate Gospel Organ Master Class" course also sells for $59.95

    Cassandra O'neal's "West Coast Piano" course sells for $49.95

    Separately, all of these courses would cost you $169.85


    ...But if you get them together right now...


         Even though, for all this, I could very well charge over $170 and still get tons of orders for the 7 hours of step-by-step training in these 3 courses --- plus the bonus cd-rom and chord booklet. With the bonuses valued at $50.00 alone and the DVD instruction valued at $169.85, I could offer this package as high as $200.

    But I'm not going to charge you $200 even though that's what these courses and bonuses are worth. I'm not going to charge you $169.85 (retail value) --- I'm not even going to charge you more than $150 for this incredible package (because I want as many people as possible to take advantage of this awesome information at an affordable price).

    For just $149, this entire GospelKeysUltimate Collectionplus the bonus cd-rom (for P.J. piano course)and chord booklet (for P.J. organ course)can be yours. This offer is subject to change at any time (so ifyou're really interested in these dvd courses, I suggest you act quickly --- otherwise, youmight end up paying close to $200 or more in the future). Evenworse, you may be too late and not be able to take advantage ofthe this offer at all (we only have 300 of each course).

    Clickhere if you're ready to order online through our secure server


    ....or get all three courses for just$149


    Even though the price for each course is extremely affordable (about the cost of two or three tickets to a local movie along with a few cartons of popcorn and snacks), here's what's really important. If this ultimate collection was just another set of useless courses that just sat in your bookshelf and didn't teach you anything new, it wouldn't matter what the price was. IT WOULDN'T BE WORTH ONE PENNY.


    I don't release many courses. But when I do, I want to make sure that you're getting back in information and helpful resources & tools at least two to three times what you invest. That is always my goal and  I sincerely believe this is one of the best values you'll ever come across.

    Jermaine Griggs, President


    If you can learn just 20 to 30 new contemporary patterns, chords, arrangements,tricks, fill-ins,  "runs," and even songs, what is that actually worth to you? If you'llfinally be able to play contemporary music for your church like you've been desiring to (in a modern way), what are these courses worth to you?

    What is it worth to you to learn from the best of thebest... (one who has played for just about every gospel artist and hasbeen featured in countless magazines like "KeyboardTM"and others?

    I can't put an exact dollar figure on it for you --- only you can do that. But I can tell you this: at $59.95 each (or $149 for the entire collection), these courses could very possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you'll ever make in terms of your musical growth.


    Click hereif you're ready to take your piano playing to an all new level.


    If you fit any of these situations below, then you need this 2-hour training course:

         Are you honestly left behindtimes (... and don't want to be)?
         Doyou want to pep up your gospel piano playing?
         Do you strive toplay newer worship music but still can't mimic that sound?
         Do you need some "fancy" runs and "fill-ins" for your worshipmusic?
         Do you want toplay for your church in a contemporary way?
         Do you like what you hear on this page above and want to play inthis contemporary way?

    If so, please do yourself a favor and take thefirst step.


    If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above and are serious about learning to play the piano by ear, here are three easy ways to order:

    1)Click here to order my course online with our secure server (We accept all four major credit cards and deliver to all Countries).

    2) Call toll free at 1-877-856-4187 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and mention God's Gospel and "offer numbers GK314731" and "offer number GK-ULTIMATE " to get the special offer price with the free bonuses mentioned above.

    * Overseas Customers please call 1-562-981-3005 (mention the same offer numbers)!

    Remember to print GOD'S GOSPEL, offer number GK314731, and offer number GK-ULTIMATE on ALL your order forms and/or paste them in the comment section of the online order form to assure you receive the special bonus and discounts.

    3) If you have a Paypal Account, you may click here to send us a payment. Our order form is now configured to accept paypal orders!

    REMEMBER: The first 80 to order will be guaranteed to receive the bonus cd-rom (with P.J.'s "Contemporary Piano" course) and bonus chord booklet (with P.J.'s "Ultimate Organ" course). Only 300 will be sold, total.


    Mention GOD'S GOSPEL offer number GK314731 and offer number GK-ULTIMATE and write them on ALL your order forms and/or paste them in the comment section of the online order form to assure you receive the special bonus and discounts

    The dvd package is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive the GospelKeys Ultimate Collection in a week or so (depending on the shipping options available) and you can get started learning contemporary worship and choir songs the very same day you receive it. You can literally be on your way to playing for your church service (or improving your current skills) by the end of next week!

    I look forward to receiving your success story very soon.


    Jermaine Griggs, President


    Do you have any questions at this time? If so, please click here to chat live with one of our knowledgeable Hear & Play Music representatives right now. We are here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    P.S. Don't forget --- I am including a fewbonuses (totaling over $50.00) and special rebate pricing if you get all three courses together. I honestly don't know how long this will last.

    All I can say is if you're serious about playing gospel music, you'll want to take advantage of this special offer while you can. Otherwise, you might be one of those individuals who pay over $200 --- or even worse, you may not be able to take advantage of this special AT ALL if you're late.

    To receive your copy of the GospelKeys Ultimate Collection, click here

    Click here to hear a 20-minute exclusive interview with Jermaine Griggs and P.J. Morgan!

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